About Us

The local Security Industry has developed significantly since the early 2000’s, and has become substantially more sophisticated over the last decade. We have seen the installation of Metro/local-government sponsored CCTV camera networks in some main city areas providing initial success & benefit to local law enforcement authorities, and more recently also the deployment of a very large public CCTV “camera-for-rent” network by a prominent privately owned fibre company in Johannesburg suburbs offered as “live feeds” to security companies. These important initiatives are all based on the same factual basis: it has been proven both locally and globally, in many different international societies that the number-one most effective crime prevention technology is Video Surveillance – and perhaps more so due to its ability to deter criminals.

It has now become common knowledge within our South African society that the critical road… (i.e. alarm systems, fencing & electrification, armed-response providers, beams and perimeter detection, …) to the ultimate level of personal and home/business security is effective mobile-enabled video surveillance systems and has grown to become a retail commodity in shops and online stores at large.

To date the local security equipment market place has shown exponential growth, and the variety of CCTV product brands has reached an extremely wide range of product lines extending from very cheap to high-end advances into facial/number-recognitions. The consumer has become challenged to the limit to disseminate, analyse  and choose from the many available lines to identify quality, durability, performance, fit-for-purpose, well documented and supported brands before making the best purchasing decision.

The Security Engineers, our affiliates and e-Store offering is based on the following principles focused on providing a complete enabling shopping experience:

1. We offer the FOUR most Prominent, Established and Reputable brands in the local market. You’re ensured these products are high quality, accurately specified and well supported beyond installation in terms of supplier after-sales warranties (ranging from one to three years).

2. We have spend a considerable amount of time to analyse and expose the most important performance features of the various camera and recorder options and enable you the purchaser to Compare these features using the compare buttons/icons. We consider this website feature the most effective method to cut to the chase and choose most effectively.

3.) We have packaged the various discounted CCTV-kits on offer to the benefit of the purchaser, to include all components required to enable the installation. We offer the freedom to choose your own set of cameras within various kits, as we believe the success of the CCTV project depends on the choice (optics, IR-range, control, resolution,..) and position of the cameras, i.e. the most challenging of the project. We have also concluded that the screen/monitor is typically purchased separate from the CCTV system due to a variety of circumstances and reasons.

4.) We will endeavour to offer a growing community of registered, approved and reputable Installer affiliates/partners that has verified credentials with suitable experience in CCTV systems and installation practices, and the necessary professional skill-set to offer a superior installation service.

5.) Our focus is towards both the turn-key purchaser requiring an installed systems, and the DIY purchaser and aim to provide the necessary installation guides to support a self-learning self-install approach.

Our founding member, Maritz Triegaardt has over 25 years of experience in both the Security and Telecom Industry and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

By guaranteeing personal service in every transaction, we strive to deliver unparalleled customer service and satisfaction to every client, be it for orders large or small! and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.