Our Affiliate & Partner Program

Our Affiliates:

  1. The Dreamworks Electronics team of seven well trained installers have more than 10 years of experience in the installation of both analogue and IP CCTV systems using Hikvision, HiLook, and Provision equipment. They are well know within the Johannesburg and Pretoria CCTV fraternity, and offer their services to both the business and suburban areas here, and they come highly recommended with a long list of referrals and references.

What do the TSE Affiliate Program offer

The Security Engineers Affiliate program is a Service Providers Community initiative that rewards Reputable and Skilled installers to the benefit of the Security conscious Public and the Business sector at large.

A significant number of CCTV gear purchased from our TSE e-Store is acquired by households and businesses with the aim to appoint & contract an approved TSE affiliate installer to perform a professional installation in consultation with the purchaser to ensure a guaranteed functional and optimised security system with at least a 3 month workmanship support commitment.

The TSE Affiliate Program rationale is simple: We offer the best security gear at affordable prices to the Business sector and Households nationally, and you offer your professional installer skill-set, not in competition with each other, but as Partners.

Our Partners traditionally begin as TSE Registered & Listed Installers; to apply for Installer status, please click here to download our Installer Application Form and submit your completed form to info@thesecurityengineers.co.za

What is the benefits of the TSE Affiliate Program

  • You are offered the opportunity to join and list on the ULTIMATE CCTV Security online-Store with guaranteed exposure as an experienced and professional security consultant & installer;
  • Your service will become instantly available to the security online-market at large within the area you would like to serve.
  • You gain an added stream of revenue based on a set of simple and mutually beneficial community principals.