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We Do CCTV Installations in Johannesburg

Our continually expanding community of professional CCTV installer partners currently also offer CCTV installations in Johannesburg communities as a registered essential service provider in terms of the Lockdown Regulations.

Please contact us or send us a Whatsapp or Telegram (use the bottom page-footer buttons for this purpose) for a free quotation inclusive of installation by providing the following preliminary information:

  1. Number of indoor cameras and any special requirements, e.g. extended range (>20m); extended resolution (>2MP); Vari-Focal or Zoom lenses; build-in audio.
  2. Number of outdoor cameras and any special requirements, e.g. extended range (>20m); extended resolution (>2MP); Vari-Focal or Zoom lenses; PIR detector capabilities; build-in audio.
  3. Any additional background and/or requirements you may have, e.g.

(a.) extension, repair to, or replacement of an existing system;

(b.) Uninterruptible Power Supper/Inverter or Battery-backup to keep your system alive during load-shedding;

(c.) provision of future expansion capacity for additional cameras (specified # of cameras to be added at a later stage);

(d.) preferred international brand, if any;

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We will then send you a preliminary quotation and strongly recommend one of our technical consultants follow-up our quote with a free site-visit to your premises to further advise on the best solution to fit your specific requirements, which will provide the opportunity to confirm and finalised your initial preliminary quote.

CCTV Installation Systems That We Install

We offer the following 4-channel CCTV-kits, 8-channel CCTV-kits as well as 16-channel CCTV-kits customisable across the five most prominent and reliable brands available in South Africa. These brands come highly recommended with supplier warranties on CCTV equipment of typically 3-years (some cover like lightning damage not including), and supplier warranties on IT equipment of typically 12 months. Please take note you need to build your selected kit by adding the cameras you prefer during the customisation of your kit to obtain the final kit pricing (excluding installation). Using our customisable kit product lines will give you the opportunity to determine and specify any/all the special requirements you may have which may include camera feature like extended range (>20m); extended resolution (>2MP); Vari-Focal or Zoom lenses; build-in audio.

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Installation Johannesburg

CCTV Installations Johannesburg

Quick & Effective CCTV Installations Johannesburg

When choosing a CCTV camera solution for installation in Johannesburg (Closed
Circuit Television
) for both indoor and outdoor applications, you should consider a number of important factors. How you select the most appropriate location for your your cameras, the manufacturing quality and durability of the cameras and its optical and video performance, are some of the most important factors to consider.  In additions, the installation of the CCTV in-house system (recorder, HDD, switches), including the rating of the enclosure of your camera determines how protected it’s from the elements and vandals, and may be critical for those who have extreme hot or cold conditions, or if there is lots of precipitation in Johannesburg.

In addition, our CCTV Installers Johannesburg are all highly qualified and experienced technicians that have developed the skills and knowledge to perform a professional integrated installation which includes the use of standards based wiring practises, proper electrical earthing and lightning protection methods, the cross-connections to remote monitoring devices (including mobile devices) and central armed reactions facilities, as well as the integration with alarm-panels and associated perimeter sensors.

Therefore, CCTV camera installers need to concentrate on a number of physical barriers to entry (walling, electrified fencing, alarm outdoor detectors) and how to effectively combine these entities with CCTV cameras to enhance the complete integrated security solution. Once an effective integrated CCTV solution has been installed within your industrial warehouse, small business or residential property, more than a single problem is going to disappear, e.g. false alarms will be non-existent using video-verification techniques; all-day off-site visibility of your premises will be possible, a 30-day video history of movement in all primary secured areas will be archived to your systems HDD, and your well positioned CCTV-camera sign posts will be an effective deterrent at all time. If you gain these purposeful objectives, you will be using expert installers.

How To Choose A CCTV Installer Johannesburg Checklist:

  • Select a Security Engineers company with expert skills and undisputed reputation as a proud provider of quality and long-term supported CCTV cameras and equipment using expert CCTV installers
  • Make sure your new CCTV Camera Installation is be done by certified installers using the best in class CCTV cameras brands
  • Know your reputable best in class CCTV camera equipment manufacturers and do not wast your money on unknown and unsupported CCTV equipment
  • Make sure the Video Software Applications offered by the Security Engineers are well known, supported and continuously updated
  • Make sure you CCTV Video streams does not only connect to your smartphone, but also provides for integration into existing alarm and security systems and provide intelligent and unique Video Analytic value-add like motion detection

CCTV Installations Johannesburg For Business & Industrial Premises

The more advanced classes of CCTV cameras that quite a few folks in industrial and business environments are beginning to utilize these days is the following supplied by The Security Engineers as a consequence of full integrated functionalities.
(1.) Thermal cameras have become very prominent as very effective human-body detectors at night-time over long distances and are typically deployed as perimeter detection devices. Very recently also as contact-less mass body temperature screening devices during the Covid-19 pandemic. (2.) Advanced Video Content Analysis, i.e. Analytics have also become very prominent and can be used to accurately identify (e.g number recognition, facial recognition), and detect unusual patterns in an environment. The systems can be set to detect crowd movement and crowd counting, as well as anomalies in a crowd, for instance a person moving in the opposite direction in which they are normally expected.

There are two main technology classes driving the different types of CCTV camera systems offered in the main-stream market, i.e. analogue-CCTV, and IP-CCTV cameras. Each of these two main-stream camera technologies provide you with
a variety of different functions and both is deployed for specific purposes. These cameras vary in price too! The price of analogue CCTV cameras have become very cost-effective, and the more expensive and application specific IP-CCTV cameras will usually depend upon its features and its particular application. You typically find  analogue-CCTV Cameras that are equipped with infra-red or night-vision capability where there will also be cameras that record sounds, and some will provide for motion detection and other event detection features. However, you need to remind yourself that while you’ll find outdoor cameras equipped with advanced functions and features, you merely should choose one that fits your requirements, budget and lifestyle in CCTV Installations Johannesburg. We are always available to assist so please Contact Us.

Our partners & affiliates currently offer installation services within the greater Johannesburg and Pretoria area under the followings terms and conditions:

    1.  You may request a quote for the installation of your CCTV kit order by using the “order notes” block during check-out, or you could send us a Full CCTV Quote request as outlined above.
    2. A preliminary quote is then offered based on general installation practices, and final charges will be confirmed on the day of the first site visit or day of installation based on a detailed site survey when the property size, walling & ceiling infrastructure, camera locations, and customer expectation can be confirmed to enable a final fitment and cost assessment;
    3. The preliminary quote is provided on the basis of the number of cameras to be installed. Additional work beyond the initial order and general accepted wiring norms and principals will be additional expenses to be invoice according to the customers expectation and site assessment results;
    4. A workmanship warranty for the period of at least six months will apply, which is your surety against workmanship, or installation errors which may include connector crimping, camera mounting, and cable fastening (conduit, trunking or glueing) problems. Your IT and CCTV equipment will carry separate limited supplier warranties, as per our Terms & Conditions policy. We can unfortunately not offer any cable break warranties as this is considered as unforeseen damage or “wear and tear”  to be repaired as out-of-warranty actions;
    5. Your installation date will be arranged with an affiliate, communicated and confirmed within two days after acceptance of the quote, and the lead time to install will typically be less than seven working days after you have accepted the quote. The installation will commence only after receipt of a 50% deposit;
    6. Please refer to our Affiliate & Partners page for more info on our partner installers

Please use the Check-Out Page “order notes” or Contact Us with your order number with additional installation requests.