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Our continually expanding community of professional installer partners currently also offer CCTV installations in Pretoria communities as a registered essential service provider in terms of the Lockdown Regulations.

Please contact us or send us a Whatsapp or Telegram (use the bottom page-footer buttons for this purpose) for a free quotation inclusive of CCTV installation in Pretoria by providing the following preliminary information:

  1. Number of indoor cameras and any special requirements, e.g. extended range (>20m); extended resolution (>2MP); Vari-Focal or Zoom lenses; build-in audio. 
  2. Number of outdoor cameras and any special requirements, e.g. extended range (>20m); extended resolution (>2MP); Vari-Focal or Zoom lenses; PIR detector capabilities; build-in audio.
  3. Any additional background and/or requirements you may have, e.g.
    (a.) extension, repair to, or replacement of an existing system;
    (b.) Uninterruptible Power Supper/Inverter or Battery-backup to keep your system alive during load-shedding;
    (c.) provision of future expansion capacity for additional cameras (specified # of cameras to be added at a later stage);
    (d.) preferred international brand, if any;

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We will then send you a preliminary quotation and strongly recommend one of our technical consultants follow-up our quote with a free site-visit to your premises to further advise on the best solution to fit your specific requirements, which will provide the opportunity to confirm and finalised your initial / preliminary quote.

CCTV Camera Systems That We Install

We offer the following 4-channel CCTV-kits, 8-channel CCTV-kits as well as 16-channel CCTV-kits customisable across the five most prominent and reliable brands available in South Africa. These brands come highly recommended with supplier warranties on CCTV equipment of typically 3-years (some cover like lightning damage not including), and supplier warranties on IT equipment of typically 12 months. Please take note you need to build your selected kit by adding the cameras you prefer during the customisation of your kit to obtain the final kit pricing (excluding installation). Using our customisable kit product lines will give you the opportunity to determine and specify any/all the special requirements you may have which may include camera features like extended range (>20m); extended resolution (>2MP); Vari-Focal or Zoom lenses; build-in audio.

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cctv installation pretoria

CCTV Installation Requirements

The installation of video surveillance within a small enterprise or domestic setting is often a costly and time-consuming process. However, there’s a great way to avoid this lengthy affair while still receiving the same benefits associated with highly-visible security camera placements. This method necessitates the purchase and installing of a fake security camera.

CCTV installation Pretoria or Closed Circuit Television is often a video home alarm system which allows you or your security personnel to view or record pictures through the cameras. Previously focused on securing banks and casinos, CCTVs now are utilized as home alarm systems as well as daily surveillance of public areas, cark parks and public facilities.

CCTV Camera Installers Pretoria – We Come To You!

Once you install the CCTV camera systems, will come your way images coming from a remote location too. So, if you are on holidays or out for too long business trip, you can check for the house to see if it is all totally so as. If you find something suspicious, you are able to alert an individual – police, neighbor or even a CTV Installer Pretoria who would investigate further. In other words, it is possible to be peaceful if you live not at your home. Thus, experts recommend to set up the surveillance system on the earliest. Get access to every corner of the property using these systems.

These days there are wonderful gadgets like the CCTV cameras and these are incredibly useful and helpful camera systems that help in transmitting clear images from wherever these are generally installed strait into the main monitor that is fitted somewhere within the interiors. These gadgets are extremely much in vogue nowadays. Its popularity is a result of the full time utility which is given by installing it. Camera method is also great for the ability of actually meticulously keeping a tab on every little activity outside that is certainly ossible with the help of the sharp cameras.

If you wish to have a very safe installaion about your home or business then the CCTV camera kit is one area you should take a look at. You will be able to find a many them open to select from using the features you are interested in. The best thing to accomplish is sit down making a listing of features that you’ll want and then locate a camera that may provide you with those features. No matter if you would like to be capable of make use of camera to learn what’s going on indoors or outdoors make sure you consider The Security Engineers as your first choice for CCTV Installations Pretoria.

Our partners & affiliates currently offer cctv installation services within the greater Johannesburg and Pretoria area under the followings terms and conditions:

    1.  You may request a quote for the installation of your CCTV kit order by using the “order notes” block during check-out, or you could send us a Full CCTV Quote request as outlined above.
    2. A preliminary quote is then offered based on general installation practices, and final charges will be confirmed on the day of the first site visit or day of installation based on a detailed site survey when the property size, walling & ceiling infrastructure, camera locations, and customer expectation can be confirmed to enable a final fitment and cost assessment;
    3. The preliminary quote is provided on the basis of the number of cameras to be installed. Additional work beyond the initial order and general accepted wiring norms and principals will be additional expenses to be invoice according to the customers expectation and site assessment results;
    4. A workmanship warranty for the period of at least six months will apply, which is your surety against workmanship, or installation errors which may include connector crimping, camera mounting, and cable fastening (conduit, trunking or glueing) problems. Your IT and CCTV equipment will carry separate limited supplier warranties, as per our Terms & Conditions policy. We can unfortunately not offer any cable break warranties as this is considered as unforeseen damage or “wear and tear”  to be repaired as out-of-warranty actions;
    5. Your installation date will be arranged with an affiliate, communicated and confirmed within two days after acceptance of the quote, and the lead time to install will typically be less than seven working days after you have accepted the quote. The installation will commence only after receipt of a 50% deposit;
    6. Please refer to our Affiliate & Partners page for more info on our partner installers

Please use the Check-Out Page “order notes” or Contact Us with your order number with additional installation requests.