Frequently Asked Questions

This Agreement was last modified on 13 September 2019

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

You may opt-in for one of the delivery options available during the check-out process, which will include a courier service to your premises (please specify a physical address).

How Long Will it Take To Get My Package?

Delivery times depend on the weight and the destination of your order. Typically any order under 5KG will be delivered within one (1) working day after your order has been dispatched. If your order is over 5KG (usually the case with CCTV kits) then it should reach you in two (2) to three (3) working days after dispatch. These delivery times are under the assumption that your order is going to a major city. Should your order be going to a regional city/area then longer delivery times apply. Please note that we do not typically hold stock, and it takes between one (1) and two (2) days to collect your order from suppliers and dispatch your parcel.

How Do I Track My Order?

You will be issued with a tracking number which will be traceable on the courier vendor’s website.

How Do I Place an Order?

You have three (3) different types of products you may order from our e-Store:

1.) Firstly, you have our main CCTV kit product lines that offer the (a.) standard list of installation material (connectors, cable, power-supply, HDD) included in the package, (b.) the specified DVR, and (c.) a configurable list of cameras from which you select the models & quantity you prefer giving you the opportunity to design your own kit at discounted prices.

2.) Secondly, you have all the stand-alone items to choose from which include DVR/NVR’s, cameras, and accessories to add to your cart.

You place your formal order using our check-out process which concludes with you adding a shipping address, coupon-no upload (optional), shipping option selection, and secure online payment.

3.) You may also place an order (request) for the installation of your CCTV kit by using the “notes” block during check-out or you could send us a support request We will then make contact with one of our affiliates to offer you a separate quote for your installation project.

How Should I Make Contact if I Have Any Queries?

You have various options to communicate with us, as follows:

1.) You could send us a message/support-request;

2.) You could send us a Whatsapp/Telegram/Facebook message using our social media buttons – the footer of each page;

3.) You could send us an email

4.) You could gives us a call at 082-56-44468

Do I Need an Account to Place an Order?

You do not need a pre-approved credit/cash-account to place on order. During your check-out process you will be requested to provide “account” information to enable us to facilitate your order based on your personal and location details – see our privacy policy. Your payment details are not stored in our data-base and the payment process is handled by our secure and very well-known  payment processor PayFast.