Provision 8xCh 8xCam 2MP HD Kit

The  Provision-ISR 8-channel, 8-Camera Custom Kit

Customise your Provision-ISR kit, one of the Top Brands in SA (with a 3 year guarantee), and receive all the components required to install your choice of up to 8 x HD cameras. The kit offers five different camera versions to choose from, and you may individually select the most suitable for your specific site / premisses. This kit consists of the following components:

1.) PROVISION 8+1 CH Dynamic Hybrid DVR (pre-selected);

2.) PROVISION ECO-2MP Cameras x 8 (to be individually selected below);

3.) 16x BNC connectors, 8x 25cm DC male plugs;

4.) 200 meters RG59 Co-Axial 75ohm with 0.5mm 2-Pair Powax Cable;

5.) 2 x Power Supplies, 12VDC, 5A + 8-way DC cable splitter;

6.) Hard Disk Drive, 2TB.

From: R4,630.39